Our selection of short films:

Animation is an amazing medium as it brings to drawings to life, to tell a story. This is something that I admire and would like to particpate in the future. I hope to add to this selection of films, using other animation techniques.

The Saffron book trailer was constructed for my client Victoria M Azaro, in flash and exported as a movie file, to promote her Saffron books. I designed and built 'Jolly Filbert' and 'Whir Whiz Bang' Flash films, while I was doing my Diploma in Digital Media at Media Design School in 2007. I enjoyed creating the graphics for these films in Flash using Vector Art and learning how to animate the different components.

It is great to finally give them their own place where you can come and see them. The flash animations are best played on a desktop or laptop computer that has a Flash player. They won't work on a tablet or phone as Flash is not supported on those devices.